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    All your data. One central view.

    Create an intelligent 360-degree view across your entire business


    Turn an ocean of data into a 360-degree view of your business

    • How do you better engage customers?
    • How do you create a unique omnichannel commerce experience?
    • How do you simplify supplier management?
    • How do you improve financial data management?

    Drive?customer?engagement with?intelligent?insights

    Fuel relevant, personalized engagement with intelligent insights for the next best customer experience.

    Create a unique omnichannel experience.

    Deliver an engaging product experience across all sales channels — on a website?or?a?digital?marketplace, in a store, on a social media website,?in?a chat bot, or in a catalog.

    Simplify supplier information management

    Bolster supply chain efficiency, improve supplier insights, and gain faster time to market with streamlined supplier onboarding and visibility.

    Improve financial data management

    Unleash the true value of finance data by combining the flexibility of the cloud with excellent master data management capabilities.

    How do you better engage customers?
    How do you create a unique omnichannel commerce experience?
    How do you simplify supplier management?
    How do you improve financial data management?

    Informatica named a Leader.
    For the 6th time.

    Download your copy of the report to see why Gartner has once again positioned Informatica as a Leader in the December 2021 Gartner? Magic Quadrant? for Master Data Management Solutions.
    Gartner Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management solutions | Informatica


    What can you do with a 360-degree view of your company’s data?

    • Engage Customers
    • Omnichannel Commerce
    • Supplier Information Management

    Gain a 360-degree view of customer data

    With intelligent data about your customers, you can create personalized experiences, increase cross-sell, and activate the next best action.

    See how a large beauty retailer improved customer engagement and reduced costs Informatica Customer 360.

    Create a unique omnichannel experience

    Increase digital commerce sales by providing trusted, relevant and detailed product content across digital touchpoints.

    See how Puma increased sales by 10% in 9 months, and supported over 20% higher conversion rates with Informatica Product 360.

    Automate supplier information management

    Streamline business processes and workflows, like supplier onboarding, for faster time to market and cross-team collaboration on product information.

    See how the FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research streamlined product lifecycle operations and integrated data from tens of thousands of facilities.


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    Get more value from your business data

    Achieve digital transformation goals, accelerate new initiatives, gain meaningful insights and quickly react to new business challenges with a 360-degree view of your business.

    Customer 360

    Discover how to strategically manage, visually explore and securely share customer data to deliver great customer experience.

    Product 360 (PIM)

    Manage complex product content across distribution channels and at scale.

    Supplier 360

    Streamline vendor & supplier information management with a single, trusted data source.

    Master Data Management

    Delivers reliable business-critical data so you can optimize operations and make informed decisions.

    Engage Customers

    Discover the value of a customer experience solution that improves relationships by delivering complete, contextual, and trusted customer profiles.

    Create a Unique Omnichannel Experience

    Fuel all sales channels with consistent, rich, accurate data for an informed and engaging customer experience.

    Supplier Information Management

    Improve onboarding and supply chain efficiency with better supplier visibility.

    We help organizations across industries thrive.
    See how.