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    Go far, go fast with
    intelligent data solutions

    Agility. Flexibility. Scale. Meet your goals faster with the power of intelligent and automated cloud data management solutions—built on a foundation of AI.

    Cloud Analytics Modernization

    Consolidating or modernizing your on-premises data warehouse or lake in the cloud? Cloud-native data integration, quality, and metadata management deliver trusted insights at cloud scale.

    New Cloud Analytics

    When it comes to starting?your analytics initiative in the cloud, the sky’s the limit. With cloud-native data integration, quality, and metadata management, you’ll accelerate your time to value—and your ROI.

    Customer Experience

    Engage your customer at every touchpoint when you combine master data and AI-powered insights. With a 360 view of your customer, you can personalize experiences and inspire customer loyalty.

    Data Governance & Trust

    Build a trusted foundation of intelligence and automation. AI-powered data quality and governance aligns people, processes, and technology to drive value, enable collaboration, and reduce risk.

    Data Science Acceleration

    Give data scientists time to do what they do best—analyze data and drive innovation—by automating data discovery, preparation, processing, and masking sensitive data.??

    Regulatory Compliance

    With numerous regulations today, compliance is business critical. Engage business, IT, and data security teams in identifying and protecting sensitive enterprise data with intelligence and automation.

    Analytics at Scale

    Modern cloud analytics requires cloud scale. Gain trusted insights with intelligent data management that scales with AI and cloud for all data users.

    360 View of Your Business

    Modern businesses?depend?on?a complete, trusted view of all critical data. By mastering customer, supplier, and product data, you increase customer loyalty, optimize supply chain, and accelerate eCommerce.

    Leaders choose Informatica.
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    Solve your most complex data challenges and business initiatives with the industry's leading products.
    iPaaS: Data, API & Application Integration

    Accelerate your cloud initiatives with cloud-native data, API, and application integration built on industry-leading, microservices-based, API-driven, and AI-powered enterprise-scale iPaaS across multi-cloud environments.


    Intelligently discover, classify, and organize all your data to maximize data value and reuse, and provide a metadata system of record for the enterprise.


    Build data pipelines at scale for AI and analytics in the cloud with robust data integration, data quality, and streaming capabilities.


    Integrate all your data and applications, in batch or real-time, across multi-cloud and on-premises sources, with high performance, reliability, and universal connectivity.


    Ensure high data quality and robust, trusted governance across your entire organization with the industry’s only automated and intelligent solution.


    Intelligently automate the creation of a single end-to-end view of all your business-critical enterprise data with scalable multidomain MDM and 360 solutions.

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