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    Cloud Data Marketplace: A better way to share data

    Find, understand, trust and access data with the only cloud dedicated to data management.

    Democratizing data for everyone

    Power more data-fueled insights by delivering data sharing at enterprise scale to your business and beyond.

    Drive value creation

    Add value by connecting data consumers with high-quality, trusted and relevant data.

    Shop for data seamlessly

    Gain visibility into all available data collections and share the latest updates.

    Empower data consumers

    Make it easy for data consumers to find, understand and access the data they need.

    Democratization of data and AI

    Publish AI/ML models and data pipelines in consumable, easy-to-request packages.

    AI/ML and Analytics Model Merchandising
    Transparent Order Processing

    Transparent data delivery and usage

    Track data from order through delivery and monitor usage, timing and purpose.

    Multi-marketplace capability

    Deploy multiple marketplace entry points to support different data communities.

    Multi-Marketplace Capability

    See how to start sharing data more easily

    Your essential Cloud Data Marketplace resources

    Cloud Data Marketplace

    analyst report
    Gartner Predicts 2022

    Four Benefits of a Data Marketplace

    Six Strategic Steps to Sharing Data


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    Discover a better way to shop for data today

    Give your data consumers a more seamless shopping experience.