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    Data Quality that delivers strategic value, quickly

    Fuel your most important business initiatives with quality data powered by CLAIRE.

    Data Quality for Everyone, Everywhere

    Quickly understand the health of your data against key data quality dimensions. Proactively cleanse the data for all sources and keep it clean by extending data quality to all stakeholders, all data domains, and all applications.

    Data Quality delivers accuracy at scale

    Accurate data analytics

    Get granular control to profile, standardize, measure, and monitor data quality so you can trust your analytics results.

    More efficient operations are driving digital transformation

    Ensure end-to-end data quality with automated integrations between Informatica Data Quality, Axon Data Governance, and Enterprise Data Catalog.

    Improved customer experience

    Ensure your CX apps and MDM tools will always run off the most accurate and timely data, with a shared repository of high-quality data.

    Rich set of Data quality transformations

    Integrate data cleansing and standardization, address verification, parsing, de-duplicate and enrichment capabilities.

    Rich set of Data quality transformations
    Monitor the data

    Monitor the data

    Continuously monitor and track data quality across source systems over time.

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    See how you can use Informatica’s Cloud Data Quality to accurately identity and rapidly resolve your most pressing data quality issues with a free trial.

    2021 Gartner? Critical Capabilities for Data Quality Solutions

    Our customers’ success is our greatest success

    “In the past, it took 6 months to generate files that are used for client reporting that can now be done in 2-3 days—a 95% reduction in manual effort to analyze data—allowing us to expand the scope of our project effort for critical clinical operations.”

    Joseph Fagnoni

    Executive Advisor, Data & Analytics, CVS Health

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    Accelerate Your Journey to the Cloud With Data You Can Trust

    Data Quality: The Foundation of Every Successful Cloud Migration


    Explore data quality products

    Data Quality
    Deliver clean, trusted data so all your projects meet your business objectives.

    Cloud Data Quality
    Quickly identify, fix & monitor data quality problems in cloud & on-premises business apps.

    Axon Data Governance
    The collaboration hub and data marketplace for agile, scalable data governance.

    Data as a Service
    Confidently connect with customers using verified & enriched contact data.

    Cloud Data Governance and Catalog
    Discover how to find, understand, trust, access and govern data in the cloud.

    Enterprise Data Catalog
    Discover and inventory data assets across your organization.

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