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    Cloud Integration Hub: Accelerate integration

    Reduce data integration costs and increase resiliency.

    Speed time to market with agile integration

    Eliminate tightly coupled point-to-point integration, and reduce the cost and complexity of integrating multiple systems with a modern publish/subscribe (pub/sub) data hub.


    Cloud Integration Hub: Key features

    Replace messy point-to-point data integrations with a pub/sub architecture that spans multi-cloud and on-premises systems.

    Hub-and-spoke architecture

    Reduce cloud data transfer fees and API call charges with a one-to-many integration model.

    Increase resilience at any latency

    Decouple source from target to remove dependencies. Publish or consume messages in real time or in batches.

    Self-service with no code

    Enable applications, services and APIs to publish to and subscribe from the hub without coding.

    End-to-end data flow orchestration

    Support multiple data and application integration functions and tight integration with IICS services.

    Intuitive, prebuilt templates

    Access custom mappings, transformations and data workflows in the web-based, code-free designer.

    Governance and visibility

    Visualize relationships between publications, data topics and subscriptions with end-to-end metadata.


    Simplify complex integrations and improve resilience

    Optimize for multiple data sources and targets, multi-latency data and self-service.

    • Reduce costs
    • Increase resiliency
    • Power self-service
    • Improve time to market

    Eliminate time-intensive hand coding and point-to-point integrations

    Our hub-and-spoke architecture cuts the number of connections—and associated costs. Pull data once and make it available for multiple consumers.

    Humana reduces IT redundancy and improves data usability with Informatica.

    Eliminate dependency on source or target systems

    Reduce the impact of downtime, and avoid data loss and delays by decoupling source and target applications.

    Rockwool easily integrates and distributes data across its business and partners via a pub/sub model.

    Add integrations quickly and easily with a pub/sub model

    Analysts and business users can confidently find and self-subscribe to the data topics they need—without developer resources to connect systems.

    MTVH orchestrates data flows through Cloud Integration Hub to save housing officers’ valuable time.

    Onboard SaaS applications quickly and efficiently

    Using just one integration, you can connect a new application with all systems through the hub—making integration faster.

    Grant Thornton fuels its employee digital workspace by synchronizing data across sources with Informatica.

    See why we’re a 16-year Leader

    For the 16th straight year, we’ve been named a Leader: 2021 Gartner? Magic Quadrant? for Data Integration Tools
    2021 Gartner? Magic Quadrant? for Data Integration Tools

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    Explore industry-leading cloud data integration products

    Modernize your data architecture with a next-gen iPaaS that future-proofs you from change in a multi-cloud world.

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    Realize automated, high-performance, multi-cloud data integration at scale.

    Cloud Application Integration

    Integrate apps and data in real time with intelligent business processes that span cloud and on-premises sources.

    Cloud Mass Ingestion

    Efficiently ingest databases, files, and streaming data for real-time data replication and streaming analytics.

    Data Quality

    Ensure consistently high data quality across cloud and on-premises data sources.

    Cloud B2B Gateway

    Onboard B2B partners with the power and ease of the cloud.

    API Management

    Manage and secure your APIs through our cloud-native API integration and orchestration service.

    Cloud Connectivity

    Connect your cloud and on-premises applications rapidly.

    Try Cloud Data Integration today—for free.