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    Cloud Data Integration for Cloud ETL and ELT

    Ingest, integrate and cleanse your data with our market-leading, cloud-native ETL and ELT solution

    Affordable, faster, simpler cloud data integration

    Lower costs and speed to market with a simple solution that integrates data on-premises and across multiple clouds while empowering your team to adopt advanced integration patterns.

    Cloud data integration for every use case

    Link source and target data with thousands of connectors that recognize metadata, making it easier for you to run complex integrations.

    Lower TCO by up to 65% with our optimization engine and intelligently automate cost control.

    Speed integration by saving up to 80%
    on design and development time with low/no code tools and more.

    Reduce complexity?
    with one single platform and everything needed to streamline data integration.

    Feed cloud data warehouses and lakes

    Ingest data with high-performance ETL, mass ingestion, or change data capture.

    Feed cloud data warehouses and lakes
    Reduce overhead

    Reduce overhead

    Integrate data on any cloud, with ETL, ELT, Spark, or with a fully managed serverless option.

    Efficiently integrate apps and APIs

    Integrate any application, whether it’s on-premises or SaaS.

    Efficiently integrate apps and APIs
    Transform vast amounts of data

    Transform vast amounts of data

    Process petabytes of data up to 72x faster within your cloud ecosystem.

    50K+ High Performance Metadata-Aware Connections

    Connect with any type of data, anywhere, including today’s most popular cloud applications.

    Start your free 30-day trial now.

    Our customers’ success is our greatest success

    “We found that Informatica Cloud Data Integration was the most flexible data integration solution and would be the easiest for business users to adopt. We started using it for the simple use case of backing up new Salesforce leads to our marketing database, and it quickly became the backbone of our marketing data ecosystem.”

    David Latka

    Data Architect, Lenovo

    Informatica Is a Leader Again in 2021 Gartner? Magic Quadrant? for Data Integration Tools

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