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    API and Application Integration

    Quickly drive intelligent automation by connecting and composing applications.

    Cloud Application Integration

    Automate business processes, accelerate transactions and fuel real-time analytics.

    Increase business agility with API and Cloud Application Integration

    Connect Everything

    Connect your apps, data, people and processes, eliminating the need for complex coding.

    Build Intelligent Processes

    Ensure resilience, continuity and efficiency for your business through intelligent operations.

    Monitor and Manage

    Democratize integration by enabling self-service for your non-tech citizen integrators?.

    Scale Elastically

    Easily scale up or down to accommodate your workloads without impacting performance?.

    Secure Everything

    Cover all your use cases and patterns, including real-time integration, process orchestration and API management.

    Build Intelligent APIs

    Quickly connect your lines of business, customers and partners to any app, any process, any data, anywhere, and at any speed.

    Codeless API and Application Integration

    Create a modular design environment to implement and manage application integrations, data integrations, automated business processes, APIs and guides—all without code.

    Codeless API and Application Integration
    Single-Canvas Design Tool

    Single-Canvas Design Tool

    Use one tool for API creation, event generation and handling, real-time data integration, and process integration and automation.

    Intelligent Business Process Automation

    Orchestrate your business by integrating processes, data and applications for real-time automation and data flows.

    Intelligent Business Process Automation

    50K+ High Performance Metadata-Aware Connections

    Connect with any type of data, anywhere, including today’s most popular cloud applications.

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    2021 Gartner? Magic Quadrant? for Enterprise iPaaS

    Helping customers achieve success

    “By making it possible for us to deploy a modern e-commerce platform, Informatica is giving us more digital sales, helping to increase overall sales by 23%.”

    Ery Sembiring

    Manager of Digital Integration, Rockwool Group

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    Modernize your data architecture with our cloud?application integration products

    API Management
    Manage and secure your APIs through our cloud-native API integration and orchestration service.

    Cloud Data Integration
    Realize automated, high-performance multi-cloud data integration at scale.

    Cloud Integration Hub
    Reduce cost and increase resilience by ending point-to-point integrations with a publish/subscribe model.

    Cloud B2B Gateway
    Onboard B2B partners with the power and ease of the cloud.

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