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    Data Governance and Privacy

    Trusted data for all.


    Lead your industry with exceptional data governance

    • How do you determine what data you have, where it is, and how it’s being used?
    • How do you build trust in data to unleash it for new value creation?
    • How do you decrease data risk exposure?

    Deliver comprehensive, automated data discovery, analytics, and curation

    An integrated, modular solution incorporates data catalog, privacy, and data quality capabilities that complement each other to deliver an end-to-end governance experience.??

    Automate data democratization to improve data access and appropriate use

    Automatically apply best practices to align data use with your policies and quality requirements, so users can quickly find the information they need with context already applied.?

    Apply advanced analytics to prioritize risk remediation and improve transparency

    Determine the highest ROI for risk management based on data value and potential exposure, then use automated procedures to speed resolution.?

    How do you determine what data you have, where it is, and how it’s being used?
    How do you build trust in data to unleash it for new value creation?
    How do you decrease data risk exposure?

    Looking for real-world data governance advice?

    Join our monthly Data Empowerment Experts webinars and learn from global data governance leaders as they share lessons learned from their own successful journeys.?


    What can you do with trusted data from intelligent governance?

    • Democratize data
    • Fuel data privacy governance
    • Comply with regulatory mandates

    Make trusted data available to the masses

    Don’t lock up data for expert-only use. Apply appropriate policies and empower your employees to make confident, data-driven decisions.??

    Gaining Business Adoption and Maturing Data Governance at Eli Lilly

    Data democratization helped Eli Lilly scale governance and deliver value through empowerment.

    Operationalize a complete data privacy framework

    Enable responsible access and use of data, orchestrate protection, and unleash value creation.

    Modern data privacy governance framework helps UNC Health understand the impacts of COVID-19 and deliver a coordinated response.?

    Reduce risk for confident regulatory compliance?

    Govern data privacy by bringing together IT and business to apply compliance best practices.

    UK Department for Education demonstrates good data practice to protect citizens’ trust in their work.


    L.A. Care’s sustainable governance program and compliance starts with prescription for healthy data

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    Begin—or accelerate—your data governance journey with Informatica

    Explore our intelligent, integrated and modular enterprise data governance solution.

    Axon Data Governance

    The collaboration hub and data marketplace for agile, scalable data governance.

    Data Quality

    Deliver clean, trusted data so all your projects meet your business objectives.

    Data Privacy Management

    Informatica Data Privacy Management provides data privacy intelligence and automation that helps you discover, identify, analyze, and remediate data risk.

    Enterprise Data Catalog

    Discover and inventory data assets across your organization.

    Data Democratization

    Unleash the power of data with data democratization through a data marketplace.

    What could you do with intelligent data governance?