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    Data Quality: Deliver fit-for-purpose data

    Drive your most critical business initiatives by working with data you can trust.

    Delivering high-quality data for everyone

    Proactively cleanse your data from many sources and keep it clean by extending data quality to your stakeholders, data domains and applications.

    Access more reliable data analytics

    Profile, standardize, measure and monitor your data quality for trusted results.

    Create more efficient operations

    Generate end-to-end data quality by using?automated and simplified processes.

    Enrich the customer experience

    Improve your CX apps and MDM tools with precise data from a shared repository.

    Enable fast data profiling

    Perform continual analysis to better understand your data and detect problems.

    Apply data profiling
    Access data quality transformations

    Standardize data quality

    Integrate data cleansing and standardization, address verification and more.

    Use prebuilt rules and accelerators

    Reuse common data quality rules across any data from any source.

    Use pre-built rules and accelerators
    Monitor the data

    Monitor your data

    Continuously monitor and track data quality across multiple source systems.

    Raise the bar on your data quality in just days

    Empowering customers to achieve success

    “In the past, it took 6 months to generate files that are used for client reporting that can now be done in 2-3 days—a 95% reduction in manual effort to analyze data—allowing us to expand the scope of our project effort for critical clinical operations.”

    Joseph Fagnoni

    Executive Advisor, Data & Analytics, CVS Health

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    Make sure your data is fit for purpose

    Begin driving better outcomes with high-quality data today.