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    Cloud Data Marketplace: A better way to share data

    Find, understand, trust and access data from the industry’s only cloud-native intelligent solution.

    Democratizing data for everyone

    Turn data access for all the right people into real business value.

    The benefits of Cloud Data Marketplace

    Deliver data sharing at enterprise scale.

    Access diverse data assets

    Drive value by giving data consumers access to high-quality, trusted and relevant data.

    Enable seamless shopping

    Provide visibility on all available data collections and the latest updates.

    Give data consumers choice

    Help consumers easily find, understand and access published data.

    AI/ML and Analytics Model Merchandising

    Publish AI/ML models, and the data pipelines they depend on, into consumable packages easily requested and delivered to other data scientists.

    AI/ML and Analytics Model Merchandising
    Transparent Order Processing

    Transparent Order Processing

    Track data from order to delivery and monitor usage, timing, and purpose.

    Multi-Marketplace Capability

    Deploy multiple Marketplace entry points to support different data consumer communities.

    Multi-Marketplace Capability

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    Learn how to find, understand, trust, and access published data with seamless data shopping in "Meet the Experts: Cloud Data Marketplace & More.”

    Resources to help you get started

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    Gartner Predicts 2022

    Four Steps to Analytics Governance

    Cloud Data Marketplace


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