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    Unlock business value with intelligent data.

    Our joint solutions in data and cloud, supported by Wipro’s Centre of Excellence and consulting services, help create data-inspired organizations of tomorrow.

    “Wipro’s domain and implementation expertise and Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud provide customers a fast and reliable digital transformation path to cloud-based data services.”

    Raman Awal

    Practice Head, Information management, Data Analytics, Wipro

    Explore more about the partnership between Informatica and Wipro’s Data, Analytics & AI services

    Joint Solutions

    Helping manufacturers be more customer-centric

    Powered by Informatica, Wipro’s MDM solution Total Customer Centricity:

    • 60% reduction in customer complaints
    • 75% improvement in customer onboarding time
    • 85% increase in freight rebates

    Enabling real-time intelligence and automation

    Wipro’s Data Operations Performance Analytics solution, compatible with Informatica PowerCenter, provides real-time, predictive insights into data operations to prevent non-compliance and revenue loss.

    Automating data integration with Next Gen DI

    Wipro’s Next-Gen Data Integration platform automates the development process using a pattern-based approach to reduce the development effort by up to 60%, while improving ETL quality.

    Accelerating business value delivery through Cloud Modernization

    Wipro’s unique, automated approach for PowerCenter to Informatica Intelligent Cloud services and Informatica Data Quality to Informatica Cloud Data Quality migrations helps you deliver business value faster.

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    Analyst Report

    Drive successful business initiatives with Unified Data Management (UDM)


    Analyst Report

    Drive successful business initiatives with Unified Data Management (UDM)